A Different Brew
Tea Room & Store

Originally opened in 2013 as a cafe, refurbished in 2021 becoming the Tea Room & Store.

The Tea Room & Store is run for and by the 'guys' that attend B.O.L.D. where they learning living and working skills which they can use in their daily lives.

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
 TELEPHONE 01234 341925

The Tea Room

From homemade cakes to freshly made sandwiches when we first opened, now serving soup, paninis, bagels, toast, waffles and so much more.

The drinks menu is growing too. Obvoiusly the tradition tea and coffee are always available, but also latte, cappucino, chocolate, milkshakes and waters (still & sparkling, natural or flavoured).

The Store

Like the cafe, the store was changed in the refurbishment and brought into the tea room.

The 'guys' in the workshop department make, restore and upcycle furniture and other items for the store. All the chairs in the tea room have been done by the 'guys' and are all for sale too!

Craft Supplies

A wonderful lady donated lots of craft supplies, which are now in our store. So pop along and see the amazing range we stock (Although, once it's gone, it's gone). Crafting for every ocassion.


From cuttings and seeds to the shop and kitchen.

With the CEO having a background in horticulture, it is no surprise we have developed part of our site in to growing our own. From shrubs and flowers to fruit, we are growing them all. Some for sale, others to make our own jams and chutneys, which we will use in the Tea Room. This department is expanding as we build on our sustainability for the charitys future.

A Different Brew
Tea Room & Store


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