Compliments & Complaints

At B.O.L.D. Ltd. we understand that sometimes things don’t always go to plan.

We therefore welcome feedback from our Service Users to let us know about any Complaints that they have

or alternatively when someone wants to share some positive feedback with us, give us a Compliment.


We have added a copy of our Easy Read fact Sheet and hope that this helps you 

if you are considering making a Complaint.

We have also added a copy of our Complaints Policy which gives you more information about the Complaints Process and our commitment to you when dealing with any complaints.


Please use one of the forms on this page to give us your feedback.
Be it a Compliment or Complaint, let us know.

Compliments form.docx
Complaints Form.docx
Complaints-Easy-Read (002).docx
6 Section 4 001 Complaints Procedure R0.docx