Just some of what the 'guys' do

Here at B.O.L.D we encourage the 'guys' to do lots of different things and we love supporting everyone to explore and experience new places and activities.

The achievement and expansion of knowledge is breathtaking and we are so proud of each and every person that attends B.O.L.D.

Below are just a few of the recent activities that we have been involved with.

Our Cooks & Bakers

At the moment we do 2 cooking/baking sessions a week.
The 'guys' love it and make so many different things from muffins to pizzas to cheese straws etc...

The Arts & Crafters

We absolutely love arts and craft here. So much so we stock lots of it in our store. There will be many more photos to come, but here are just a few for now.

Our Science 'boffins'

There's nothing better than mixing stuff to see what happens, or getting to make amazing things out of everyday items you find in the home. Our 'boffins' love it!!!