Welcome to Bedfordshire Opportunities For Learning Disabilities


We are a charity based in Bedford UK dedicated to providing work experience, education and independent living skills and  social opportunities for adults and teenagers with learning disabilities, autism and challenging behaviour.

A forward looking organisation that works with people who have a learning disability. Giving life and work experiences and supporting people to learn, grow and develop.

Creating a society that values and includes every adult with a learning disability.

We want to be like you, do the things you do and take for granted.
‘Independent’ living for us is still having someone to help us with such
things as paying bills, doing the shopping, housework, reading letters.
We are trying but some of us will never get there on our own.
We want to choose who we live with and where just like you can.
We want to go out to work like you but for most of us this will not happen.
Not all of us can read and write – most of us will never drive a car.
Freedom of choice and the ability to make informed choice is not ours.
We want to have intimate relationships, maybe have children,
but very few of us will.
We live next door to you but in a different world.
We have been hidden in institutions for decades and now want
to be part of your society, just like you



Download our Guide to our Services Booklet or feel free to browse our website pages to to see all of the activities we do.

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