Social Activities

Social interaction is vitally important to everybody none more so than people with learning disabilities BGC try and reduce isolation and actively encourage freindships and comarardary, we have tried to do this by the creation of houses within BGC . When a person joins BGC they are put into a house ; the main aims of the house system is to encourage social interaction , new freindships  and feeling of belonging. The houses, all have leaders which include both staff and volunteers from BGC, are : The Yellow Chickens, The Green Leprechauns, The Pink Dragons and The Purple Pineapples.

The house leaders organise house events, where everybody no matter what ability has to particpate for the houses to win, during the year and there are inter house events.

In August a inter house challenge was organised with the winning team winning lunch out at Pizza Hut…the gaunlet had been thrown down, house leaders organised secret tactical meeting prior to the day……the day came  and was enjoyed by all and the winning team were The Green Leprechauns. The Purple Pineapples were disqualified for cheating…as if.

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