Volunteering with Beds Garden Carers is a great way to develop your skills and meet new people.

We’re always looking for helpful and reliable volunteers, whether you give an hour, a day or a year, we really value the time you spend with us.

So why not make good use of your skills, get involved and help us with anything from weeding to filing, working in our charity shop, or making use of their own special skills to raise funds.

Here are some of the volunteering opportunities we have at Beds Garden Carers

  • Fundraising and organising events
  • Housekeeping and Kitchen support
  • Office/administration support
  • Gardening
  • Retail work in our charity shop
  • Driving
  • Teaching Pottery, Craft, MusicĀ or Drama

If you are interested in volunteering please complete and return our volunteering form

Staff Volunteering

Volunteers make a very valuable contribution here at BGC. Taking part in a team building volunteer challenge, can be rewarding and great fun for the volunteers.

Whatever the size of your team and time you can provide we have a multitude of opportunities. Are you interested in a Kim and Aggee style cleaning day, a DIY SOS painting and building day or a larger ground force type challenge then give us a call.

We also have other volunteering challenge ideas that you can participate in during lunch time or you can complete from your office over weeks or months, which may fit in to your schedule better.


If you would like to become volunteer or would like further information about opportunities please contact:

Sharon Hart

Tel: 01234 352899

Email: Sharon@bo4ld.org.uk