They say one persons rubbish is another’s treasure – this is certainly the case for BGC.  Everyone knows recycling is good for the environment, and it is also good for our projects raising much needed funds. We recycle furniture on site and have partnered with Recyclewise for mobile phones and Think Cartridges for ink jets and toners.



We have an on site shop that sells furniture and raises money for our projects. If you have any household furniture items that are in good condition call us and we can arrange collection.


We are also happy to receive office furniture from local businesses so if you are refurbishing or looking for more space then please get in touch.


We also run a furniture restoration project that offers members the chance to learn various craft based skills, so if you have and old oak table or other item that needs a bit of tlc then contact us as I’m sure we could give it a new lease of life and resell it.


Mobile Phones

We can turn your unwanted mobile phones into cash and help the environment at the same time. On average, each donated handset is worth £5 to BGC – but some are worth much more. We also recycle digital cameras, mp3 players and game consoles.


If you only have a few phones then you can pop them into an envelope and send them to our mobile recycling partner, Recyclewise, using a freepost address: Freepost Recyclewise Beds Garden Carers. (That really is all you need to put on the envelope!)


Mobiles of any make, model, age, working or non working can be recycled along with their batteries and chargers. Please remove your sim card first.


Mobile collections in the workplace

We can support you if you would like to organise a collection at work in aid of BGC. Its easy to arrange and we can provide you with an email to send around to your colleagues, posters and a pack explaining the benefits for a business of recycling and what happens to the mobiles. More information can be found on our corporate fundraising pages.


Call us and we can arrange for Recyclewise to deliver a Collection box and when you have finished arrange a courier to collect it. It’s free and easy and we receive the money direct to our bank account.


Mobile facts


The average user replaces their mobile every 18 months.


It is thought that less than 20% of phones are recycled in the UK. Estimates suggest there are close to 90 million handsets hiding in drawers and cupboards or thrown away to rot in landfills.


These dangerous substances often pollute the ground or nearby water. In fact one mobile phone battery can pollute 600,000 litres of water which is enough to fill a large swimming pool.


Toner and Inkjet cartridges from Businesses

If you have any toners and inkjets that need recycling please contact our cartridge recycling partner , Think Cartridges, on 01234 856360 or email .

They do ask that there is a minimum amount of 20+ before they collect. When they pick up the cartridges they will hand you a cheque there and then for the value, which you can then pass on to us.

Please note the following before starting your collection:

  • The cartridges need to be originals (i.e. not recycled once already)
  • Whilst we can take colour cartridges, we do receive more money for black ink cartridges so please try to collect as many of these as you can
  • We cannot accept Epson cartridges for recycling
  • We are unable to take away the bottles that come out of copiers/printers
  • For your added convenience, if you use a lot of cartridges, Think Cartridges can provide a container (a wheelie bin) for you to collect them in.

If you are unsure if the toners you have are worth any money please contact Think Cartridges to discuss or visit their website:


For more information on recycling please contact:

Sharon Hart

Tel: 01234 352899  Email:

Beds Garden Carers

1 Brereton Road, Bedford, Bedfordshire, MK40 1HU