Charity of the Year Partnerships

Charity of the Year Partnerships are an effective way to focus a businesses charitable giving and to involve employees, while securing financial and other support.

The key elements are that the charity is adopted by a business for a specific time period, often ranging from one to two years. It often, although not always, involves staff in some way and is a partnership of mutual benefit.

It allows a relationship to build between the business and the charity and greater coverage with a launch date, presentations and feedback and advice before, during and after the partnership.


What are the Key Benefits for a Business?

1) It provides opportunities to generate positive publicity with a clear message that can strengthen brand image, reputation, awareness and competitive edge. This in turn can lead to increased sales.

2) A partnership shows a clear and public display of commitment from the business to the community. The business is able to state in an understandable way how they are involved to staff, customers, investors and other stakeholders.

3) Adopting one charity enables a business to take a more strategic approach to community involvement.

4) It is a good way of involving staff in the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies.

“For CSR to be mainstream, it needs to touch an organisations workforce. In a very real sense, organisations are their people, and employee involvement is one of the more potent ways of delivering CSR – besides giving some of the most valuable returns through enhanced motivation, loyalty, and staff development” (Business and Society, CSR report, DTI)

Staff are able to see the impact that the support of their business is having on the charity and it can give them a sense of pride in the company they work for.

5) In common with other types of staff fundraising activities, it can be fun!

Research by Sainsbury’s and the Yorkshire Building Society have found that their staff enjoy being involved in the partnership.


The Advantages for Beds Garden Carers:

Not only does the business benefit but as it’s a partnership BGC also receives a wide range of advantages.

1) It can produce unrestricted income with a very favourable cost to benefit ratio.

2) It can increase awareness of us and our cause.

Not only does this help to increase revenue but referrals from people who could use our services.

3) It can provide an opportunity to lever support from other businesses and customers.

4) It can provide access to employees as a new market of potential supporters.

5) It can provide an increased track record of working with business. Experience will help us to focus and reduce our costs whilst allowing all to benefit more.


If you would like further information or help and advice on setting up a corporate partnership, please contact:


Sharon Hart

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Beds Garden Carers

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