Benefits for Business

Why work with Beds Garden Carers

Corporate support and partnerships are vital in helping us make a significant difference to the lives of people with a learning disability. Together we can offer your staff uplifting experiences and add value to one another’s brands, building mutually beneficial partnerships that raise money for our work while at the same time delivering real benefits for partners.

We work hard to understand our partners needs and tailor what we do together to ensure they get outstanding business benefits from working with us. Be it driving sales or motivating your staff, the results can be wide reaching and sometimes surprising


What are the benefits for a business?


Improved business reputation and profile

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, the importance of brand image and reputation are increasingly seen as a company’s most valued asset. It has been shown that engaging in a partnership with a charitable cause can greatly enhance a companies brand awareness and positioning, differentiating it from its competitors.


Increased revenue

Of more than 100 empirical studies that have examined the relationship between social responsibility and financial performance, 70% have shown a positive correlation.

Working with us will help you raise your profile in the community, increasing your brand recognition and the chance that your services or product will be purchased.


Enhanced staff morale, retention and team development

Directly participating in community involvement activities can influence how employees feel about an existing or potential employer. Simply knowing that an employer plays a positive role in the community will improve an employee’s pride.

Happier staff are likely to be more productive and remain with an employer for a longer period of time. Employees want good remuneration, good prospects – but increasingly people also want to feel proud of the company they work for. Motivation is often based on values rather than cash.


Effective PR and marketing

A good community program or interesting fundraising activities can create a lot of good stories about a company. This really does count. In MORI’s regular public attitude survey, 80% said knowledge of a company’s activity in the community is important in their judgement of a company, including a third who say it is very important. Having a good reputation really helps when customers are looking for a product or service.


New business opportunities and networking

Being in touch with the local community can lead to new business and networking opportunities with suppliers and customers.


Improved standing amongst peers and other networks

Set the standard in your sector by showing your commitment to the local community raising your profile and standing amongst your peers



We would love to hear from you about your ideas or if you would like further information or help and advice on setting up a corporate partnership, please contact:


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