Corporate Partnerships

Working together to maximise your business benefits, and improve the lives of people with a learning disability.


There are a wide range of ways a business is able to get involved with us, and many benefits for the business and the charity. With so many different ways to engage we are sure there’s something that will suit you.


How can you get involved?

Businesses are able to get involved with BGC in many ways. Whether you are looking to get involved in a long term mutually beneficial strategic partnership or employee engagement through fundraising, volunteering or events we can find an opportunity to meet your needs. To understand the advantages that a business can gain from working with BGC, please take a look at the seperate Benefits for Business page.

Employee fundraising

Cash donations

Staff Volunteering

Charity of the Year

Gifts in Kind

Sponsorship Opportunities

Cause Related Marketing (CRM)

Pro Bono service delivery

Recycling (furniture, mobile phones, toner cartridges, MP3 players, digital cameras, games consoles)


Employee fundraising

Whether it’s a cake sale, dress down day, cycle ride or sitting in a tub of beans, staff fundraising is great fun, easy to organise and very sociable.

By working with us and supporting your staffs efforts you can help improve staff morale, build motivated and engaged teams and at the same time improve their personal and professional skills.


If you organise and event that people can sponsor then why not build your own fundraising page on Mydonate just like Justgiving but we receive more of the donation). You could then email the link to your colleagues, friends and family. They can easily support you by making a secure donation online and it saves you a lot of time collecting the money afterwards!


Why not organise a forfeit day at work? The staff suggest forfeits for the managers to complete,(such as abseiling from the atrium dressed as Donald Duck!). To get them to undertake the chosen forfeit the staff then have to raise a set amount. It has proved so popular in some companies that all the staff, rather than just the managers, now get involved on one day a year.


We have more ideas or why not download our A-Z of fundraising ideas to help you get started, you may also like to download our guide to organising your own event,  a sponsorship form and a Blank Poster  you can personalise with your event and pin up.


Cash donations

Donating cash is an extremely important method of supporting BGC, helping us run our services and develop new and exciting activities. If you would like to purchase a specific item for us, then give us a call and we can discuss what we need and how the item will help us.


Donating cash is quick and easy using the links below. A business is able to provide a direct donation (which can be offset against tax) or can make their money work harder for them by matching staff fundraising amounts or supporting their volunteering work.


To donate securely using a debit or credit card, please visit Mydonate or for other options please visit our Donate page.


Employees are able to support us directly via Payroll Giving, see our separate page on Payroll Giving for more information.


Staff Volunteering

Volunteers make a very valuable contribution here at BGC. Taking part in a team building volunteer challenge, can be rewarding and great fun for the volunteers.


Whatever the size of your team and time you can provide we have a multitude of opportunities. Are you interested in a Kim and Aggee style cleaning day, a DIY SOS painting and building day or a larger ground force type challenge then give us a call.


We also have other volunteering challenge ideas that you can participate in during lunch time or you can complete from your office over weeks or months, which may fit in to your schedule better.


Adopt us as Charity of the Year

This is one of the best ways for companies to support their local community over a defined period of time. Developing the partnership increases the benefits to both the business and the charity.

The business is able to have a more strategic approach with more opportunities for positive publicity. The charity is able to support, advise and update the business to a greater degree and receives help across a much wider range of initiatives. See the separate Charity of the Year page for more information.


Gifts in Kind

We use in our office and on the projects all types of items. Many companies find it more cost-effective to donate goods and services rather than cash, and this type of support enables companies to contribute in a way that is entirely relevant to their business. 


From envelopes to lawn mowers everything we have donated means we can spend more on our services or can help us raise money via the raffles and auctions we hold.


We can give you an estimated value for your gift that can be recorded as a donation in your community engagement records.


Employees are able to get involved by donating any furniture (that’s in a good condition) to our charity shop, or old mobiles, cameras, MP3 players and game consoles for recycling.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship can help build brand awareness and drive customer loyalty.

We can develop flexible packages that will suite your brand, values and budget, helping your marketing objectives and helping sales.


Business in the Community reports that 48% of people have switched brands, increased usage of a brand, or inquired about a new product, as a result of a marketing campaign related to a good cause.


We have a wide range of items that can be sponsored from our events or vehicles to stationary. If you want to increase your profile in your local community contact us and we can discuss your objectives and create a successful partnership.


Cause Related Marketing (CRM)

Joining with BGC to market a new or existing product or service could boost your sales, profile and customer base.


The 2002 Business in the Community (BITC) CRM Tracker Survey showed that 88% of all consumers were aware of a CRM programme operating between companies and charities. Eighty per cent felt more loyal and more positive about those companies that chose to work with charities in this way.


CRM initiatives with BGC not only provide a unique selling point but also provide an opportunity to satisfy customer expectations concerning Corporate Social Responsibility.


Pro Bono service delivery

Firms are often able to give their time and expertise free of charge to BGC as part of their volunteering and community support program. This free delivery of professional services can be of tremendous value to BGC and to the business involved.


There are a large range of areas that professionals can donate their time helping us with. We would benefit from marketing and PR, design work, printing and legal to name a few.



Everyone knows recycling is good for the environment, and it is also good for BGC. We recycle furniture on site and have partnered with Recyclewise for mobile phones and Think Cartridges for ink jets and toners.



We have an on site shop that sells furniture and raises money for our projects. If you are refreshing your office furniture or are looking for more space then call us and we can arrange collection of any good condition items from your office (or home).


We also run a furniture restoration project so if you have and old oak table or other item that needs a bit of tlc then contact us as we could give it a new lease of life and resell it.


Mobile Phones

We can turn your unwanted mobile phones into cash and help your businesses commitment to the environment at the same time. Its also a good way to raise funds without asking for money from staff. On average, each donated handset is worth £5 to BGC – but some are worth much more. We also recycle digital cameras, mp3 players and game consoles.


Organising a collection at work is easy – all it takes is one person to send a group email or put up a poster advertising the collection and arrange a collection point for the donations.


Call us and we can arrange for Recyclewise to deliver a Collection box and when you have finished arrange a courier to collect it. It’s free and easy and we receive the money direct to our bank account.


Alternatively if you only have a few phones then you can pop them into an envelope and send them to Recyclewise using a freepost address: Freepost Recyclewise Beds Garden Carers.


We can provide you with an email to send around to you colleagues and you can download a poster here. We also have an information document that explains the benefits of recycling and what happens to the mobiles.


Don’t forget to ask your IT department if they are refreshing the company’s phones or if they have any old ones lying around to include in the collection.


Mobile facts

The average user replaces their mobile every 18 months.


It is thought that less than 20% of phones are recycled in the UK. Estimates suggest there are close to 90 million handsets hiding in drawers and cupboards or thrown away to rot in landfills.


These dangerous substances often pollute the ground or nearby water. In fact one mobile phone battery can pollute 600,000 litres of water which is enough to fill a large swimming pool.


Toner and Inkjet cartridges

If you have any toners that need recycling please contact our cartridge recycling partner , Think Cartridges, on 01234 856360 or email

They do ask that there is a minimum amount of 20+ before they collect. When they pick up the cartridges they will hand you a cheque there and then for the value, which you can then pass on to us.

Please note the following before starting your collection:

  • The cartridges need to be originals (i.e. not recycled once already)
  • Whilst we can take colour cartridges, we do receive more money for black ink cartridges so please try to collect as many of these as you can
  • We cannot accept Epson cartridges for recycling
  • We are unable to take away the bottles that come out of copiers/printers
  • For your added convenience, if you use a lot of cartridges, Think Cartridges can provide a container (a wheelie bin) for you to collect them in.

If you are unsure if the toners you have are worth any money please contact Think Cartridges to discuss or visit there website:



If you have any questions or for more information on setting up a corporate partnership please contact:

Sharon Hart

Tel: 01234 352899  Email:

Beds Garden Carers

1 Brereton Road, Bedford, Bedfordshire, MK40 1HU

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