Work Experience

Our aim is to give our adults a taste of working life. This may not lead to a permanent job, but it will give an insight into what is expected of them in a real job. We offer work experience and a worthwhile fulfilling role within the community. The project gives them a secure work-based environment for as long as they require it. It gives them a sense of purpose and achievement, builds self-esteem whilst giving them the chance to discover and develop their own individual abilities.


We have a large gardening team who work and volunteer on a number of sites across Bedfordshire. Completing contracts for business and private clients the teams maintain and work gardens, lawns, verges and greens .This gives people with learning disabilities experience of work and responsibility. The gardening programme also builds self esteem and confidence and forms friendships that will last a lifetime.

We operate the gardening project asĀ  near to a commercial garden maintenance company as possible. We work as near as possible to a full working day. Project members are encouraged to keep regular hours and good timekeeping. They are expected to come suitably dressed for work, wet weather clothing, boots and gloves are provided. We have a wide range of contracts including hospitals, schools, churches, housing associations, commercial and private sites. The variety of sites and work brings our project members into contact with a wide range of people.

We offer project members the opportunity to attain a wide range of skills, including: mowing both with pedestrian and ride-on mowers, planting, pruning, hedge-cutting and all aspects of garden maintenance. When involved with garden design, construction skills such as fencing, turf laying and patio construction are also developed.


In the same vain as the gardening project BGC run a retail experience project, with a second hand furniture store offering skills and opportunities in stock and pricing, working tills and with money and costumer service.

Furniture restoration and workshop

To compliment the furniture store we have a furniture workshop in which project members restore and mend furniture and build an array of bird and insect boxes, giving them work experience and skills that is not on offer elsewhere.

Office and administration

With a working office at bgc our project members get to experience a working busy office, answering phones, booking appointments and dealing with money. The project members learn and develop employment and life skills as well as build self esteem, confidence and communication skills.


Project members have the opportunity to join BGc’s fundraising team, helping to brain storm and put into action fundraising ideas. People involved learn computer skills, letter writing, communication skills and event planning.

For information on how to access our services download our information pamphlet: dayopportunities.pdf