Healthy Lifestyles

The Health and Wellbeing course was set up to encourage and support the group and individuals to have a greater awareness of how they can look after and improve their Health and Wellbeing enabling them to take a more active part.


The course includes a vast range of subject areas including.

·        Learning about foods for a healthy lifestyle, this includes growing our own fruit, vegetable and herbs at our own allotment, there are specially raised beds which enable less able to people to take part in growing and harvesting the produce.

allotment    Weeding at our allotment

·        Cooking – how to plans menu’s, shop, prepare and cook and balanced meals, snacks and drinks.

·        Relationship courses – including looking at the different types of relationship we have, how to maintain and improve these, including sexual wellbeing.

·        How to access health resources – this has included looking at the difficulties that the group has found when accessing resources such as GP’s, how we can communicate with professionals.

·        Fitness – encouraging the group and individuals to become active, this includes using the local facilities, Wii fitness.

·        Mental Wellbeing – exploring how to maintain a good mental health, who can help in time of poor mental health, how to manage stress and other contributing factors.