Daycare Opportunities

We offer the following activities within our daycare programme, they can be accessed seperately or a mix of more than one activity it is entirely down to personal choice. Download our leaflet for more information on how to access: dayopportunities.pdf

Gardening work experience: offers training in lawn mowing, planting, pruning, hedge-cutting and all aspects of garden creation and maintenance. The construction of gardens provides a creatively rewarding, secure, work-based environment.

                 Preparing to mow lawnsmowinggroupagain

 The Charity Furniture Store: offers the chance to learn craft based skills in the refurbishment of all kinds of furniture. Finished items of furniture are put on sale to the public thus allowing commercial aspects of the project to be experienced.

 Stuart sanding down furniturefurniture

 Independent Living Skills:

Healthy Living

Arts & Crafts: A lot of the ideas come directly from the group, some of the crafts that we have done recently include

  • Sewing.
  • Glass painting.
  • Painting.
  • Working with clay.
  • Pottery painting.
  • Collage.
  • Paper Mache.
  • Drawing.
  • T-shirt making.
  • Jewellery making.
  • Seasonal work such as Christmas cards, gift tags, decorations, snow globes etc.
  • Written stories and then picking the pictures to go with the stories, these were then bound.


Music & Drama


Machinery Maintenance: