About Us

Beds Garden Carers offers:

Daycare provision

For adults with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour in the Bedford area. The activities we offer include independent living skills, music & drama and woodwork to name but a few. Daycare is available to anyone over the age of 18 and can be purchased via direct payments or through referral from local authority. In the first instance contact Sharon on 01234 352899 or sharon@bo4ld.org.uk to organise a meeting or a taster day.

Download our booklet to read about all of our services – BGC Services Booklet

Saturday Club

This is a social club for adults with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour.


BGC organises holidays all over the world including the UK, past holidays include Florida, Mediteranean Cruise, Eurodisney, Devon, Center Parcs. Our holidays are open to all even people who do not attend BGC. All our holidays are fully insured and staffed and include transport to and  from Bedford.

Afterschool & Holiday Clubs

Our newest venture is the provision of an afterschool and holiday clun for teenagers( 14-19yrs) with learning disabilities. This is an area that we felt was inadequately provided for and we are aiming to address this.

Beds Garden Carers: A forward looking organisation that works with people – who have a learning disability. Giving life and work experiences and supporting people to learn, grow and develop….

Beds Garden Carers  was one of the founding charities in the creation of Consortico Ltd. Nine forward thinking charities  responded to tackle the changing circumstances in public service commissioning by creating a consortium for Third Sector Organisations (TSO’s).
ConsortiCo Ltd is a company limited by guarantee (Registration No. 6919692) and social enterprise. It is wholly owned by its member organisations (Third sector organisations or TSOs) and its Directors are elected from nominees put forward by its full members. Any profits made by ConsortiCo Ltd are dispersed back to its member organisations or used to further develop the ConsortiCo limited ‘hub’ (for the benefit of its members and the communities it serves). The Consortico vision is to improve the quality of life of local people, especially those who are disadvantaged or vulnerable, by delivering high quality, cost-effective services. To help ConsortiCo and its member organisations achieve this, the consortium needs to continue to access funding through open and competitive tender or commissioning arrangements with public organisations.
Our vision

Creating a society that values and includes everyone with a learning disability

We want to be like you, do the things you do and take for granted. ‘independent’ living for us is still having someone to help us with such things as paying bills, getting to school, meeting up with friends, doing the shopping, homework and reading letters.

We are trying but some of us will never get there on our own, we want to choose where we go to school, what activities and socialising we do, what skills we learn and the futures we build.

Freedom of choice and the ability to make informed choices is not always ours, we want to understand relationships and friendships, have close relationships and families, but very few of us will.

We live next door to you but in a different world

We have been hidden in institutions for decades and now we want to be part of society …just like you.
Our Mission

To identify and provide support and development for each adult and young person with a learning disability who uses our service, appropriate to the needs of that person.
Our Aim

To Increase and extend opportunities for the active and meaningful participation of adults and young people with learning disability in every aspect of their lives and community, in particular

  • To improve independent living skills
  • To improve self confidence and self esteem
  • To provide work experience and learning opportunities
  • To enable development of social skills

Our charitable objects are;

  • The relief of people with learning disabilities and;
  • To provide or assist in the provision of facilities for the recreation education or leisure time occupation for people with learning disabilities.

Our Values

People with learning disabilities have the right to:

  • An ordinary pattern of life within the community
  • Be treated as individuals Receive information and support to make informed choices and to develop their maximum potential
  • Gain personal satisfaction through social, learning and work opportunities.
  • Equality of opportunity whatever their culture, religion or belief, race, age, gender or sexual orientation.
  • Tell us what they think and what they want. This will guide what we do.